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Wolfgang Saus

Coming from Germany, Wolfgang Saus is an internationally recognised and highly respected musician, composer and singer. He performs music in a way which is still unknown to most of audience. He belongs to the top throat-singers (overtone). Wolfang is also successfull researcher in this field. Overtone or throat singing, called also harmonic singing is a special way of singing typical for Central Asia. Wolfgang has gained a profound understanding of overtone singing, both as a performer and a teacher. His unique combination of a scientific intellect and over 20 years experience as a singer enables him to make overtones accessible to many people by explaining them in simple, intuitive terms. Saus has become one of the most preeminent overtone singers in Europe, and has taught hundreds of students individually and through workshops. He is also an expert in improving the intonation of a choir by training the singers to listen to their overtones.