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Chinnapa Palanisamy

More than 7 thousand years ago, there were libraries of manuscripts made of dried palm leaves in India. Nowadays, there are several of these libraries containing information on destinies of continents, countries, nations and thousands of people who shall come to ask about their fate one day in the future. And maybe it is also your story together with information on the exact day and time when you come to ask, written down by “sephta rishis” thousands years ago, that can be found in the palm leaf in India. Each leaf includes lifelong rigmaroles of one human born in the future. Nadi Chinnapa Palanisamy is one of the "nadis" (palm leaves readers), who visited Czech Republic in 2010 for the first time, to reveal partial secret of palm leaves libraries. The secret that begins with your fingerprint only - you don´t need anything else. According to your fingerprint, the Nadi says the date of your birth, your name, names of your closest family members and friends. Then he will shift himself out of our time and space and sings out your story, your fate, and all what should be said to you in that particular moment from the palm leave!