Multigenre Open Minds Festival

About us

The company Felicius o.p.s. was founded on October 10, 2006 with the aim of introducing new topics and increasing the awareness of the society in terms of personal development, healthy lifestyle, alternative medicine, ecology, and new ways of life.

The goal of the charitable trust Felicius is to offer people new ways of looking at things around them – looking both with their eyes and with their heart. We want to enable them to see and discover the seemingly hidden meaning and content of things and events. We strive to offer projects that inspire mind, body and society. We organise a year-round multicultural festival Prague Gateways which contains seminars, lectures, exhibitions, a film festival and other cultural events. Moreover, we organize the Festival Evolution which includes the trade shows Biostyl, Health, Alternative, Ecoworld, and Inspiration.

Furthermore, we organize the international organic agriculture conference Biosummit. Biosummit is a prestigious event where both Czech and international organic farming experts and organic food traders meet. The goal of the conference is to provide a networking platform for key farmers, politicians, businesspeople, and agricultural interest group representatives, to stimulate their opinion and experience exchange, and to highlight the role organic farming should play in the new EU common agricultural policy.

Although our projects differ in their topics, they do have something in common: they present Czech and overseas masterminds who have a lot to say and offer (writers, scientists, historians, healers, yogis, directors, or dancers…).

Among other outstanding figures, our guests included: Mabel Katz (Hooponopono), Konstantin Korotkov (EPI bioelektrography), Jim Humble (MMS), Shanti Kumar Kamlesh (Ayurveda), Silvano Paolucci (Esene Mirrors), Simona Wenger (The Journey),  Raymond Moody (Life after Life), Dan Millman (The Peaceful Warrior), Tim Wallace Murphy (Rex Deus), Eric Pearl (The Reconnection), Masaru Emoto (Secret power of water), H.H. Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda (Yoga in your daily life), H. H. Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj (Science of Spirituality), Pablo Russell (Path of the Buffalo), Fred Alan Wolf (Dr. Quantum), Jason McDonald (Natural Spirit), David Icke (Manipulating people), Tim Wallace Murphy (Spiritual values in history), Hugh Montgomery (Blood Line).

Felicius o.p.s. also works with many outstanding representatives of the Czech culture, and many of them directly participate in our very projects, e.g., Václav Vokolek, Milan Calábek, Igor Chaun, Viliam Poltikovič, Petr Vachler, Jakub Střítezský, Lenka Papadakisová, Judita Peschlová, Petr Piňos, Květa Fialová, Sumito Petr Mikulka, Karel Richard Marinov, Jan Smetánka, Eva Velechovská, Jitka Třešňáková, Antonín Baudyš, and many others.

Main activities: 

Prague Gateways
The festival Prague Gateways was launched in March 2007, and it was immediately appreciated as a major contribution to Prague’s culture – mainly thanks to its multicultural focus and interdisciplinary overlap. The festival offers as many as a hundred diverse events presented by as many as sixty renowned Czech and international performers and presenters. The festival consists of nine gateways, and all events within the festival belong to either of them: The Gateway of KNOWLEDGE, HEALTH, FILM, HISTORY, THEATRE, ART, ECOLOGY, and MUSIC. Average annual audience of the festival is 8000 people.

Festival Evolution
We have prepared the accompanying programme for the trade shows Biostyl, Health, Ecoworld, Alternative, and Personal Development since 2005. The festival focuses on four main areas – healthy and organic lifestyle, ecology, personal development, and esoterism. All individual shows  and presentations fall into one of these areas, whether it be lectures, workshops, seminars, dance and music performances, theatre performances, film screenings, or interactive programmes. Every year, the festival offeres at least 175 shows, 5 exhibitions, 11 book signings, 11 workshops, 4 interactive workshops, and these are presented by foreign and Czech performers and presenters. During the preceding years, the numbers were very similar.

Conferences, lectures, seminars
Felicius o.p.s. also organizes independent events for outstanding and renowned masterminds from abroad, who do not take part in festivals or collective shows. In 2012 these were for example Brandon Bays, Simona Wenger, Andreas Clauss, Hugh Montgomery, Tim Wallace Murphy, in other years they were Eric Pearl, Mabel Katz, Dan Millman, David Icke, Raymond Moody, Masaru Emoto, Sant Rajinder Singha Ji Maharaje, Charlotte Anderson, David Abram, Charlottemarie, Emahó and others.

Felicius has also hosted the conferences Biosummit 2011 a 2015, 2011 Scientific Organic Farming Conference, and co-organized the programme Inner Winner 2011.

The Arts
Felicius also organizes art events, for example the dance-audiovisual performance Shiva’s Wheel of Life, exhibitions History of Medicine and Healing, Masaru Emoto’s photographs, J.W. Drnka’s photographs, etc.

Publishing house
The publishing house Felicius has so far published the following books: MABEL KATZ: The Secret of the Genuine Journey of Life, KONSTANTIN KOROTKOV: Spiral Traverse, KAREL RAŠÍN: Black Moon in Astrology.

Spiritual Cinema
In its Spiritual Cinema DVD series, Felicius has enriched the Czech market with films that you cannot not watch anywhere else, e.g., What The Bleep Do We Know?, Living Matrix, For 7 Generations , Life After Life, Conversation with God.