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Tim W. Murphy – seminars

Involved personalities:  Tim Wallace Murphy

TIM WALLACE MURPHY: Transformation of Spiritual Values in the History
21. 3. 2012
Roosveltova ul., Praha
number of visitors: 30

lecture, film show and following discussion
TIM WALLACE MURPHY: Bloodline of Jesus Christ
24. 4. 2011
Cinema OKO, Praha
number of visitors: 280

TIM WALLACE MURPHY: How the faith can transform life of an individual in 21st century, in the age of technologies?
2. – 6. 4. 2008
Industrial Palace, Prague Exhibition Grounds
number of visitors: 700

Tim Wallace Murphy: Custodians of Truth and Rex Deus Fellowship
2. – 6. 4. 2008
Galerie Regenerace
number of visitors: 120

commented walk
Tim Wallace Murphy: commented walk through Karlštejn Castle
2. 4. 2008
Karlštejn Castle
number of visitors: 90

Lectures on the transformation of spiritual values in the history included, as follows: ethic codes of knighthood orders, history of Templers, hidden blood-related lines, teaching of freemasons from the point of view of contemporary life. Tim Wallace Murphy is a researcher and publicist, the author of more than dozen of books with historically-spiritual topics, as for instance ´Cracking the Symbol Code´, ´Rex Deus´, ´Custodians of Truth´ or ´Mark of the Beast´.

Tim Murphy, together with Jan Boněk, the author of a knowledgeable book ´Karlštejn Castle´, was the guide to participants in this “Castle of the Grail” tour. In a famous chapel with the portrayal of the Apocalypse of John, they listened to the lecture of Tim Wallace Murphy, the co-author of the book ´Mark of the Beast´. They also visited sacral premises which are normally not open to public. In the afternoon, the seminar continued in the local lecturing hall.

Inspiring area of Prague provided its scenery for unique seminar ´Custodians of Truth and Rex Deus Society´ related to the meeting of Tim Wallace Murphy with the member of this mysterious community. In the seminar, T.W. Murphy also revealed much from the background of his work – for instance what he couldn´t write in his books, why in fact he was contacted by the members of Rex Deus and what is the content of his work called Research system for European Heritage of Templers.