Eventy » Secret Power of Water

Secret Power of Water

Involved personalities:  Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto: Secret Power of Water
22. – 25. 5. a 25.7. – 31. 9. 2009
Prague Exhibition Grounds, New Town Hall in Prague
number of visitors: 12000

The exhibition is a unique collection of more than 20 unique photos of water crystals which vary depending on the direct influence of external effects. Dr. Masaru Emoto was inspired by water crystals and noticed that water shows us its whole and real base just in the form of frozen crystals. In 1994, in his laboratory in Tokyo, after many tests and mistakes, he succeeded to take the first photography of water crystal. Since then, several tens of such photos have been taken. Also a big number of tests and attempts were carried out in connection with various topics such as “quality of water”, “impact of negative and positive words on water”, “impact of music, pictures, letters or texts” or “power of different types of prayers”. Results show that music, words, thoughts or prayers have influence on the structure of water crystal indicating that they really affects our material reality. Thanks to photos of the crystal, the theory that water is capable to keep and transfer information became visible for all. Moreover, due to its beauty, water crystals in stabile and harmonic shape are amazing artworks that touches many people´s hearts.