Eventy » Shiva´s Wheel of Life

Shiva´s Wheel of Life

Involved personalities:  Jana Hemelíková Baudisová

dance-audiovisual performance
Premiere – January 29, 2012, repeats: 5. 2., 12. 2., 11. 3., 21. 3., 13. 5. 2012
Theatre ABC
average attendance: 500 people

Shiva´s wheel of life was an authoring performance, i. e. the performance completely realized by our company Felicius. This multimedia project combined more genres – theatre, film, visual arts, and music. This spectacular dancing show, inspired by an Indian culture and dance (bollywood, bhangra, bharatanatyam, kathak), introduced a poetic story of two sisters Rasa and Maya (good and evil) going through the life time – BIRTH, LOVE, TRADITION, PRAYER AND DEATH. The story was inspired by the symbolism of Indian mythology, but however, it described fundamental inducements and questions of human being exceeding borders of states and cultures. The combination of traditional and contemporary Indian music and dance and European and Indian cultural feelings for dynamic film projection resulted in an extraordinary theatrical piece. Except the life story of sisters Rasa and Maya, who symbolize a duality of good and evil, most of all people could watch an extraordinary show with nineteen dancing scenes of top-class domestic and foreign choreographers with sixteen performing dancers and actors. The director of an audiovisual section was a film director Radim Špaček, who, in the same time, roofed the whole project.

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