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Kiesha Crowther – lecture

Involved personalities:  Kiesha Crowther (Little Grandmother)

Kiesha Crowther – Message for the Tribe of Many Colors
5. 8. 2012
Lichtenštejnský palác, Prague
number of visitors: 700

Kiesha Crowther – Message for the Tribe of Many Colors
8. 8. 2012
SK Vajnorská, Bratislava
number of visitors: 500

Kiesha Crowther, known as the Little Grandmother, became the shaman-lady when she was 30. She is the daughter of a white father – a friend and a protector of Indians – and Amerindian Sioux / Salish mother. She grew up in a small farming community in the south of Colorado independently on native traditions of her people living in the reservation. As a child, she spent a long time alone in the bush where she lived and knew about natural wisdom. She didn´t guess that she has been predetermined already as a small child by tribal old women to become, later on, the shaman-lady herself; from this reason, her life was marked by unusual experiences and by abilities she did not quite understand. In her childhood, she was learning from her ancestors, preceding grandmothers and the Mother Earth. She had an ability of perception and communication with animals; she grew up in a deep harmony with nature. She reached an academic education in the field of zoology; for many years, she worked as a specialist for wild animals. She was a founder of non-profit organization “SLV Wildlife & Endangered Species Rescue Center” – the natural center rescuing endangered species. Through this organization, she tries to create a safe place for endangered, neglected or injured animals. When she became a shaman-lady, she started to share her gift and knowledge with others – she organizes healing sessions and ceremonies, she decided to help not only to people of “her own” in the north, but she works for unification of all small and big tribes and nations, people black, white, yellow, red, local as well as from abroad, in order to unite hearts and love of all people who are willing to listen and live in coordination with the Mother Earth and its creatures.