Eventy » Hugh de Montgomery – seminar

Hugh de Montgomery – seminar

Involved personalities:  Hugh de Montgomery

HUGH DE MONTGOMERY: History of the Order Fleur de Lys
31. 5. 2012
National Library in Prague
number of visitors: 30

Hugh de Montgomery introduced a history of the Order Fleur de Lys (Saint LILITH) and its present activities; he also presented basic thesis of his trilogy “God-Kings”.

Hugh de Montgomery is a British University Professor, Grand Master of the Order Fleur de Lys, the author of a number of historical articles and books. He is the author of the trilogy ´The God-Kings of England´, ´The God-Kings of Europe´ and ´The God-Kings of Outremer´, which describe a bloodline of Jesus with his ancestors. Hugh based his strictly scientific research in this field on real and proofed sources, unlike some other publications which rather belong to popular literature genre. After many years of research and upon consultations with many scientists from all over the world, Professor Montgomery published an edition of books – so called ´Bloodlines´- mapping European sovereign dynasties and their bloodlines in most details. He found out that family line of some dynasties end until Odin – the Scandinavian God, whose line was allegedly connected with the bloodline of Jesus. Professor Montgomery insists that many royal families really deduce their origin from the bloodline of Jesus and they feel to be his descendants.