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Film festivals

Film festivals

Industrial Palace, Prague Exhibition Grounds, Cinema OKO, Světozor Cinema
number of visitors: average – 70 persons

Environmental issues are the main feature of the dramaturgy at the festival FILM GATES that takes place within the frame of accompanying program to the fairs ´Ecoworld´ and ´Biostyl´. Under the name “Exhibition Cinema”, there were several projections and screenings organized, mostly together with discussions, debates and lectures in cooperation with organizations Arnika, People in Need – One World, Auto*Mat, AMWA, Ekofilm and others.

Those who are interested in the festival EKOFILM but did not manage to visit it, they have an opportunity to see films of this festival in EKOFILM Echoes every year. This festival brings to wide group of audience an important source of latest information on the condition of nature and environment in different countries of the world and, in many cases, also the truth on solutions in serious cases.

Also ´Expedition Camera Echoes´ are organized on the same principle. As the biggest travel and outdoor festival Czech and Slovak Republics, Expedition Camera takes place always in spring in more than 150 cities of the Czech Republic. This unique project introduces seven best films of the season from the entire world.