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Don Quixote by Sancho

theatre performance – flamenco musical
Don Quixote by Sancho
20. 4. 2008
Divadlo u Hasičů, Prague
number of visitors: 350

Don Quixote was a famous windmills fighter in the rhythm of flamenco. The performance combines drama, dance, music and black light theatre. The scriptwriter Richard Geri tells the story as a narration of Quixote’s squire Sancho Panza about his adventures with the knight-errant. He selected few famous motives from the book including typical windmills fighting and the character of beautiful Dulcinea who surely could not have been missed out. Sancho´s narration was alternated with dancing and musical numbers and the black light theatre.

Script: Richard Geri. Director: Pavol Uher. Music: Los Romedios Band. Choreography Ramón Martínez.