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Deepak Chopra – seminar

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DEEPAK CHOPRA – The Soul of Leadership
19. 5. 2016
Břevnov Monastery, Praha
number of visitor: 220

Deepak Chopra’s seminar called Spiritual Leadership was held on May 19, 2016 at Břevnov Monastery, and it was attended by 220 managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders who wanted to learn about this approach to leadership, as presented by the most competent mentor.

“Find your unique talent and do not hesitate to express it“, says the most wanted American coach Deepak Chopra. A leader is the symbolic soul of the team – his or her task is to satisfy not only the needs of others, but also other – more general – needs. An enlightened leader is recognised for his creativity, intelligence, organisational abilities, love, and capability of vision. To become a leader is the most crucial choice one can make.

Thanks to Deepak’s  inspirational workshop, participants were able to get a deeper understanding of their leadership potential, to develop the wholeness and wisdom of a true leader, and to find out how to maintain the fragile balance between values and performance. Chopra offered an entirely new approach to leadership, incorporating the spiritual wisdom with modern practical aspects. He advised how to be a wise and efficient leader, how to listen to others and how to respond to various situations.

He showed how to open up to new prospects and methods which address the challenges we are facing, and how to become a true leader.

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DEEPAK CHOPRA - The Future of Wellbeing
15. 5. 2014
Palác Lucerna – Velký sál, Praha
number of visitors: 1200

Deepak Chopra is a renowned doctor, successful writer and an appreciated healthy lifestyle specialist, and he is also a sought-after coach and consultant.

He’s become on of the most desired teachers in the United States, his consultations are requested by thousands of people.  His clients include many American and European celebrities. Chopra is known as a prolific author of more than seventy-five books with twenty one New York Times best sellers in both fiction and nonfiction. Dr. Chopra’s books have been published in more than thirty five  languages with over 20 million copies sold globally.

In his books, he deals with the conflict of modern science and spiritualism, the mystery of our existence, and our relationship to spirituality, and tries to discover the depth of human soul.  Chopra incorporates the wisdom of old philosophies and findings of the modern science so that we can understand and sense our true essence.  He highlights ways of achieving health or success in life.

The Future of Wellbeing, lecture – May 15, 2014 7,30PM, Palác Lucerna – Great hall
The Great Hall of Lucerna was sold out as Deepak Chopra talked about the wholeness and interconnectedness of the world, and claimed that our personal happiness as well as the nature of the surrounding world depends primarily on ourselves – our thoughts and attitude. Through the cultivation of ourselves, we should enhance our capacity for total well being (physical, emotional, spiritual, social, community, financial and ecological.  Deepak Chopra summarized A to Z principles of personal development. Deepak Chopra’s lecture was introduces by Ctirad Hemelík a James Cusumano.

Book signing – May 15, 2014, 9,30PM, Palác Lucerna – Great hall
Over 700 visitors used the opportunity to have a book signed by Deepak during a signing after the lecture.

Meet&Greet – May 15, 2014,  6PM, Palác Lucerna – Marble hall
As many as 160 people used the opportunity to meet Deepak Chopra in person during a 30 minute Meet&Greet, discussing and taking pictures.

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