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Brandon Bays – seminars

Involved personalities:  Brandon Bays

BRANDON BAYS: Journey Intensive
19. 5. 2012
Orea Hotel Pyramida, Prague
number of visitors: 500

BRANDON BAYS: Journey Intensive and Advanced Skills
Hotel Albion, Prague
number of visitors: 130

In her seminars and workshops, Brandon Bays teaches and gives over her experience she earned during her tumor self-healing using seemingly simple but effective method. ´The Journey´ is a unique healing method for the body and brain. Brandon advises how to apply her system in real life to make it help to us as well as to the others; how to penetrate the depth of our own body and our spiritual potential and; how to activate curative power in full. She uncovers cellular memories in which our emotional, physical or spiritual blocks are deposited, teaching us how to release them by means of ´The Journey´. Thanks to discovering, this method helped thousands of people all over the world to free of fear, angst, depression, low confidence, chronic anger and rage, physical illnesses and diseases, of problems connected with addictions, using of drugs, repeating of unhealthy behavior patterns, sexual abusing, problems in relationships or in professional growth. To use the method of ´The Journey´, ordinary people reach extraordinary results without respect to their age, environment and education.

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