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Andreas Clauss – lecture

Involved personalities:  Andreas Clauss

ANDREAS CLAUSS – „Banks and money or about what we don´t talk and what you should know“
27. 5. 2012
Lucerna Palace – Great Hall, Prague
number of visitors: 750

Andreas Clauss is a German writer and businessman. He is often mentioned as the critic of present financial systems; however, his criticism is not subject to discussions neither on academic level nor in media. His criticism cannot be separated from his own economical interests in financial sector. Nowadays, he is said to be the main representative of physical economy and banking and economical heretics. In his lecture “Banks and money or about what we don´t talk and what you should know”, Andreas pointed out connections surrounding us that we should be aware of, particularly, as follows: the background of financial and economical crises, why should this crises happen and, how the crises came to Europe from America. He summarized facts on what will happen in the future. Although his lecture concerned serious topics, Andreas Clauss was capable to talk about them in a very understanding, entertaining and vivid way to make the audience have fun in the same time. The February Lecture was moderated by Jaroslav Dušek.