Multigenre Open Minds Festival

Gateway of Health

Health is our most precious commodity. This gateway introduces both new and traditional methods and practices in the area of prevention and healthy lifestyle. An illness comes when we least expect it, and then we realize that we might have been taking our health for granted. Only then we search for answers and look for solutions. We cannot have Health if the world we live in is not healthy. Therefore we should start caring about our surroundings and the environment.

We will introduce principals of healthy nutrition, tenets of balanced food consumption, proper exercise routines, but also: Ayurveda, Yoga, Eastern medicine, Reflex Therapy, Acupuncture, and many other methods that will allow us to live in harmony with our nature.

Realized Projects:

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Eric Pearl (USA) Reconnective Healing 24. – 28.6.2016


Ruediger Dahlke (DEU) Peace Food, Illness as a Symbol 17. 19.9.2015
Eric Pearl (USA) Reconnective Healing 29.5. – 2.6.2015


Estela Orbito Palaris (PHL) About Filipino Spiritual Healing 19.4.2013
Simona Wenger (CH) Journey to Conscious Awakening for Children and Adults 21.4.2013


Brandon Bays (USA) Journey Intensive 19.5.2012
Brandon Bays (USA) Journey Intensive and Advanced Tools 5.– 7. 10.2012
Dr. Eric Pearl (USA) The Reconnection 21., 22.4.2012
James Humble (USA), Andreas Kalcker (ES), Leo Koehof (NL) MMS – Master Mineral Solution 21.4.2012
Kiesha Crowther – Little Grandmother (USA) A Message for the Tribe of Many Colors 5., 8.8.2012
Shanti Kumar Kamlesh (IND) Ayurveda 21.4.2012
Simona Wenger (CH) Manifestation of Abundance 22.– 24. 2., 24.–26.2. 2012
Simona Wenger (CH) Step into Change. Find Your Way to The Way! 22.4.2012
Simona Wenger (CH) Weekend Journey Intensive by Brandon Bays 4. – 5. 2. 2012
Simona Wenger (CH) Advanced Tools 6.2.2012


Biosummit Is Bio Food A Must for CR and EU? 15.11.2011
Dr. Eric Pearl (USA) Reconnective Healing I + II, III, Reconnective Yoga, The Mastermind Session 7.– 13.9.2011
Eco Agriculture Conference The Latest Findings in Eco Agriculture and Consequential Application in Central and Eastern Europe 14.-15.11.2011
Lino be Guinsada (FIL) Spiritual Consciousness – Spiritual and Filipino Healing 9.4.2011
Mabel Katz (USA) The Secret of The Easiest Way 3. – 4.12.2011
Mabel Katz (USA) The Easiest Way to Live 30.11.2011
Mabel Katz (USA) The Easiest Way to Success and Business 1.12.2011
Mabel Katz (USA) Ho´oponopono – The Easiest Way to Abundance, Health, Tranquility and Peace 10.– 11. 4.2011
Tim Mitchell (AUS) Vedic Meditation – Introduction 8.4.2011
Tim Mitchell (AUS) Ayurveda Introduction – The Art of Life 9.4.2011


Dr. Eric Pearl (USA) Reconnective Healing 16.– 20.4.2010
Pablo Russell (CAN) Medicine Wheel 9.4.2010


Dr. Eric Pearl (USA) Reconnective Healing 18.11.2009
Dr. Eric Pearl (USA) Reconnective Healing 3. – 7. 7. 2009
Exhibition History of Medicine and Alternative Medicine in Czech Lands  27.11.2009 – 28.1.2010


Dr. Eric Pearl (USA) Reconnective Healing I + II 25. – 27.4.2008
Dr. Eric Pearl (USA) Reconnective Healing III 28. – 29.4.2008
Iva Businová, Milan Calabek, Josef Hrusovský, Marie Hruba, Eva Zdarska (CZ) Health and Prevention – a two-day congress of healthy nutrition and lifestyle 12.-13. 4. 2008
Marie Hruba, Eva Zdarska (CZ) Combination of Clinical and Alternative Medicine in Dealing with Cancer and Other Civilization Illnesses 13.4.2008
Mercedes Bahleda (USA) Practical Tibetan Yoga – balancing your body with singing 4. – 6.4.2008
Milan Calabek (CZ) Nutrition, Eating and Weight Reduction by Your Metabolic Type 12.4.2008
Pablo Russell (CAN) Medicine Wheel I. 21. – 22.6.2008
Pablo Russell (CAN) Sweatlodge 4. – 7.7.2008
Pablo Russell (CAN) Sweatlodge 9.11.2008
Pablo Russell (CAN) Medicine Wheel II. 7. – 8.11.2008


Daniel Namkhay (ARG) The Healing Power of Sound 29., 30.3.2007
Dr. Eric Pearl (USA) The Reconnection 27.11.2007
Frank Lorentzen (DK) Sound, Colors and Transformation 23.3.2007
Frank Lorentzen (DK) Seven Chakras 21.3.2007
Frank Lorentzen (DK) The Energetic Field of Your Aura 20.3.2007
Marianne Mikkelsen (DK) Aura – Soma = The Ways of the Colors of the Rainbow 22.3.2007
Michel Odent (FR) About Love From A Different Perspective 27.3.2007
Michel Odent (FR) Life, Health and Birth 28.3.2007
Oldrich Hozman (CZ) Architecture in the Rhythm of the Nature 31.3.2007
Oldrich Hozman (CZ) Eko Constructions 1.4.2007
Pablo Russell (CAN) Healing Tribal Herbs 8. – 9.9.2007
Pablo Russell (CAN) Sweatlodge – Tribal Cleansing Sauna 21. – 23.3.2007
Paramhans Svami Mahesvarananda (IND) Yoga for Every Day 18.3.2007
Silvia Del Moral (MEX) How to Blend Allopathic Medicine with Homeopathy 24. – 25.3.2007