Multigenre Open Minds Festival

Gateway of Knowledge

Gateway, that creates new space for awareness and understanding of the meaning of human existence, will be opened by significant personalities from all over the world, in the fields of science, culture and spirituality.

Sometimes it feels very difficult, almost impossible to solve our problems, to find a solution. Each of us carry within all the answers and guidelines for overcoming any obstacle. Each of us carry within skills and unbounded potential, and these need to be uncovered so we can use them in our everyday life. That is why people search for help with uncovering their potential (with its interpretation and ‘awakening’). Gateway of Knowledge, binding both traditional methods and new trends, can bring a deeper understanding of oneself and others.

Realized Projects:

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Deepak Chopra (USA) The Soul of Leadership 19.5.2016
The Happy Czech Republic Gross National Happiness Day 18.5.2016


Deepak Chopra (USA) The Future of Wellbeing 15.5.2014


Anatolij Nekrasov (RUS) Embrace Life’s Riches 20.4.2013
Dan Millman (USA) Universal Laws of Business and Life 16.9.2013
Dan Millman (USA) Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit 15.9.2013
Gregg Braden (USA) Deep Truth – Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate 20.4.2013
Chinnapa Palanisamy (IND) and Pavel Krejci (CZ) Palm Leaves Libraries – India 20.4.2013
Peter Gray (USA) Freedom to Learn 20.4.2013
Sandra Epstein (BRA) New Culture – Principles and How to Make It Work! 21.4.2013
Silvano Paolucci (IT) How to Live a Meaningful Life – What Does God Want From Us? 19.4.2013
Vaclav Cilek (CZ) Good Life in Difficult Times 19.4.2013


Andreas Clauss (DE) Banks and Money- The Things We Don’t Talk About, But You Should Know 27.5.2012
Eric Pearl (USA), Konstantin Korotkov (RUS) Life in the World of Energies: Electrical, Human and Cosmic Fields 22.4.2012
Konstantin Korotkov (RUS) Measuring of Energetic Fields 21.4.2012
Pat Atanas (USA) Living Your Conscious Reality 20.4.2012
Silvano Paolucci (IT) Gatekeeper – How to Manage Our Ego and Win Over Fear 20.4.2012


Dan Millman (USA) A Guide to Finding Your Life’s Purpose 11.10.2011
John Hawken (UK) Tantric Techniques of Consciousness 8.4.2011
Peter Chappell (UK) From a Hunter to Visionary. New Method of PPD Resonance Technology 10.4.2011
Silvano Paolucci (IT) Quantum Physics of the Indigenous Peoples of The Americas 8.4.2011


David Icke (UK) Humanity Rise Like Lions 25.9.2010
Dr. Raymond Moody (USA) Life After Life/Is There Another World After Life? 3.9.2010
Dr. Raymond Moody (USA) Life After Death? A Scientific Scrutation of The Biggest Mystery 4.9.2010
Pablo Russell (CAN) Today’s World Through The Ancient Wisdom of The Black Horn Tribe 9.4.2010


Ana Pogacnik Geomagnetic Seminar – Anew Beats the Earth’s Heart 18.-19.4.2009
Anderson Choachuy Spiritual Business Management  – Pranic Healing 24.5.2009
Czech Institute of Systemic Constellations Congress of Systemic Constellations 16.-17.5.2009
Dr. Masaru Emoto (JAP) The Hidden Messages in Water 30.-31.5.2009
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj (IND) Wisdom of the East and the West 24.5.2009
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj (IND) Change Yourself and You Will Change the Whole World 25.5.2009


Dan Millman (USA) Spiritual Laws That Change Lives 27.9.2008
Dan Millman (USA) Peaceful Warrior Teachings 28.9.2008
Dan Millman (USA) Book Signing and Launch Party – Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior 29.9.2008
Dan Millman (USA) Peaceful Warrior in Professional Life 29.9.2008
Dan Millman (USA) Peaceful Warrior in Professional Life 29.9.2008
Dan Millman (USA) Peaceful Warrior (film screening) 10.9.2008
Dr. Fred Alan Wolf (USA) Discussion about film What the Bleep 4.4.2008
Dr. Fred Alan Wolf (USA) Matter into Feeling: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit 5.4.2008
Jason McDonald (AUS) The Secrets of Australian and Hawaiian Native Traditions 5.-6.4.2008
Pablo Russell (CAN) Drum Building 4.-6.11.2008
Pablo Russell (CAN) The Language of the Black Horn Tribe 5.11.2008
Pascal Greub Creative Transformations in the Cosmic Theater 5.-6.4.2008
Sandra Epstein (BRA) Shamanic Archetypes and Animals 11.-13.4.2008


Dagmar Kludska, Ruzena Vernerova, Marketa Vostra, Bohumil Vurm (CZ) Meeting with Tarot 21.3.2007
Jan Bily (CZ) Financial Constellations 26.3.2007
Joern Toepfer (DE) Sweatlodge 9., 10.6.2007
Jorge N. Ferrer (USA) Spiritual Perspectives on Sexuality and Relationships 19.-20.3.2007
Mushin Jurgen Schilling The Living Field – Cooperative Spiritual Experience 22.3.2007
Pablo Russell (CAN) Today’s World Through The Ancient Wisdom of The Black Horn Tribe 1.9.2007
Pablo Russell (CAN) Journey Through Storm 12.9.2007
Pablo Russell (CAN) Ancient Stories and Songs of the Black Horn Tribe 2.9.2007
Pablo Russell (CAN) Sweatlodge 5.,6.,7.9.2007
Pablo Russell (CAN) Peace and Clarity Expansion – Workshop 18.-20.3.2007
Robert Gray (UK) Do You Want To Live in Better Future? 22.3.2007
Robert Gray (UK) Future Filled With Success 24.–25.3. 2007
Sandra Epstein (BRA) From a Planet to a Star, From the Stars to Star Constellations 27.-29.3.2007
Sandra Epstein (BRA) Tantra – Weaving of Our Existence 30.3.-1.4.2007
Sandra Epstein (BRA) Shamanic Archetypes 23.-25.3.2007
Ulrik Gollodnoff (DK) Tarot Initiation 19.3.2007
Ulrik Gollodnoff (DK) Kabalistic Tree 20.3.2007
Ulrik Gollodnoff (DK) The Mission of Your Life 21.3.2007
Ulrik Gollodnoff (DK) The Path of Your Life 23.3.2007